Safe Sport Enviroment

Inclusivity Statement 

At Het Zinkstuk all students are welcome.* We consider an inclusive and safe sporting climate for everyone to be of utmost importance. 

We are a welcoming place for international students and non-Dutch speaking people, people from the LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent community, people of any religious belief… Whoever you are, and whatever you look like, whatever you stand for and however you express this, everyone who wants to participate in our sport together is welcome.

This goal is protected by the board and further aided by our inclusivity committee.

If there are any questions whatsoever about this subject we are available as a board via We are very happy to think along with you. If you wish to know more exactly how we engage with this topic, the board is also available for that. Prefer to do this anonymously? That is possible via this form. Besides that we also have our own two Confidential Contact Persons (VCP) who are approachable for any problems or questions via See also the topic "VCP's" below.

*(MBO, HBO, and WO students can become a member. Our dispensation rules for non-students and more information for non UU/HU students can be found on this page, among other things.)

Code of Conduct Het Zinkstuk 

Within the association we strive for a positive sports environment in which everyone treats each other with respect, follows the regulations, and can enjoy swimming/polo. To achieve this and to prevent unacceptable behavior, this code of conduct has been drawn up. We have been advised by Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland. By adhering to the code of conduct, every member of the association contributes to the positive sports environment.

Do you have any questions, comments or additions to the code of conduct? Please, contact us by sending an email to, or just talk to a board member during the practices.


  • All members treat each other with respect, so that everyone feels welcome within the association.
  • All members are committed to get the best out of themselves, the team, and the association.
  • Both physical and verbal abuse are prohibited within the association at all times.
  • (Sexual) transgressive behavior is prohibited at all times.
  • During the practice, the instructions of the trainers are followed.
  • Nobody comes to the practice/match under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • It is forbidden to use drugs or drink alcohol during matches. With the exception of drinking alcohol at activities organised by Stichting NSZ (such as NSWK's and NSZK's) and water polo tournaments outside the competition. 
  • The commitment of board members, trainers, and other persons who work for the association is appreciated.
  • All members take care of the sports environment. Think of respecting everyone’s belongings, cleaning up the changing rooms after yourself, and throwing waste in the bins.
  • All members behave according to the regulations, the house rules, code of conduct, and other agreements.
  • Violations of the code of conducts are reported to the board, the supervisory board, or the confidential adviser.


  • The matches are played fair according to the regulations of the KNZB. If a match is lost, it is accepted that the other team was better.
  • Every member/player accepts the referee’s decision.
  • Before a water polo match, the opponent and the referee are wished a good match.
  • After a water polo match, the opponent and the referee are thanked for the match.


  • Board members act in the interest of the association.
  • Board members act transparent, so that the motives for their actions are clear.
  • Board members treat information confidentially and carefully.
  • Board members supervise compliance with the regulations, agreements, and the code of conduct.
  • Board members take (reports of) violations of the code of conduct seriously and aim to (improve) a safe sports environment.

Confidential Contact Persons (VCPs)

Do you have an issue that you can not or do not wat to discuss with the board or the supervisory board? Then contact one of the VCPs from Het Zinkstuk, the Sportraad or the KNZB. More information about the VCP(s) of Het Zinkstuk can be found on the VCP committeepage

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