General information water polo practices

Great that you are interested in a membership with the most awesome student swimming- and waterpolo association of the Netherlands? Although Het Zinkstuk is a fairly small association, there is very active. Water polo has 3 practices per week and participates in the competition and at other tournaments. Besides, we have a borrel at the clubhouse of swimming pool de Krommerijn each Wednesday evening. Practices are accessible for both beginning and advanced water polo players. Do you think our association suits you? Come by for a free trial practice! 

Free trial practice

You can join us for a free trial practice for a total of three times. You can sign up for a trial practice here

Practice times

The current practice times can be found here. Our most important practice is on Wednesday. This practice lasts 1.5h, of which an hour is practiced in the full pool (50m). Also, this practice is the busiest, which provides a more serious practice. We also practice at Monday and Thursday. Furthermore, you are welcome to join all swimming practices. 

Levels and teams

At the moment we have four waterpoloteams: two mens teams and two womens teams. It's possible for everyone of any level to participate. We play to win, but we don't have any less fun because of this. All teams organise their own events: dinners, nights out, teamweekends and much more!


Check the competition schedule here. Our teams often have home games at the same time, which means most people like to go for a drink after the game. You can also cheer on the other teams. 

You can also compete in NSZKs (Dutch Student Swimming Competition) with your membership! Besides, we are also present at the NSWK's (Dutch Student Waterpolo Competition).


During the summer, when the official season has ended, there are various tournaments which we will be attending. These are always a lot of fun. 

House rules

Examples of practices

Year plan for the training

We are working to show the yearplan on the website for members. For the time being you can access it via this link.