Information water polo

So you’re interested in a membership at the most awesome swimming- and waterpoloclub of the whole Netherlands? That’s great! Het Zinkstuk is a small, but very active society. We organise events, participate in tournaments organised by other societies and have weekly drinks on Wednesdays at the Krommerijn swimming pool. Besides all these fun activities we also practice swimming. These practices are suitable for both beginner and experienced waterpolo players. Do you think our society suits you? Just come by for a free trial practice! 

Free trial practice

You can join us for a free trial practice three times. You can sign up for a trial practice here .

Practice times

The current practice times can be found here. Our most important training is our wednesday training. Not only is this the longest training it's also our best, because we train under the guidance of a real trainer. It's also our bussiest training which makes the training better. Most of our members go for a drink after each wednesday training, which gives you the opportunity to get to know everybody. You can also train on mondays and thursdays.

Levels and teams

At the moment we have two waterpoloteams: one mens team and one women team. It's possible for everyone of any level to participate. We play to win, but we won't have any less fun because of this. All teams organise their own events: dinners, nights out, teamweekends and much more!


Check the competition schedule here. Our teams often have home games at the same time, which means most people like to go for a drink after the game. You can also cheer on the other teams. 

You can also compete in NSZKs (Dutch Student Swimming Competition) with your membership.

Besides this we now also compete in the NSWK's (Dutch Student Waterpolo Competition)

Swimming and Waterpolo

With a membership of Het Zinkstuk you can join every training practice. Both for swimming as for water polo.


During the summer, when the official season has ended, there are various tournaments which we will be attending. These are always a lot of fun. 

House rules

  • The house rules of the swimming pools can be found on the website of Utrecht Township and are applicable on all visitors.
  • Try to be present at least 10 minutes before the start of a training.