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Order moment 1

Dear Zinkstukkers, Friday 27 September will be the first order moment for the one and only Zinkstuk merchandise. Have you always dreamed of a Zinkstuk sweater, towel or something else? Make sure to check out https://www.hetzinkstuk.nl/shop!

Publiced Monday 16 September 2019

€938,05 collected!!

Dear Zinkies,

We've collected €938,05 past year for Water for Life. Water for Life is a foundation set up by the drinking water companies Vitens, Evides Waterbedrijf, WML and Watercompany Groningen. Their customers can become permanent donors and donate money through their water bills. Both customers and non-customers can make a single donation or raise money through events they organise themselves. 

We can be very proud with this amount of money! WaterforLife is proud as well, they posted this articel on their website: https://www.waterforlife.nl/uszwf-het-zinkstuk-haalt-een-mooi-bedrag-op-voor-water-for-life/

At the announcement moment of the Lustrumbook the winning commission in collecting money for charity will also be announced. Hope to see you there!

Publiced Thursday 22 August 2019

Renew you sports card

The practices will start next week! Make sure you have a valid sports card linked to Het Zinkstuk before you come to practice.

What should you do?

Go to the counter of Sportcentrum Olympos

Extend your registration to Het Zinkstuk (if your sports card is no longer valid enough, first purchase a new one; this is possible at the same time)

Receive a sticker on your sports card

Are you unable to go to Olympos right now? Then extend your registration online. If you have the opportunity again, you must go to Olympos to pick up your sports card with sticker. At practices, both the board and external inspectors of Olympos will check whether you have registered a sports card at Het Zinkstuk. Therefore always have your sports card with you when you come to practice

Publiced Monday 12 August 2019

Scheidsrechters gezocht!

Beste leden,

Het Zinkstuk is op zoek naar waterpolo scheidsrechters! Deelname aan de regio competitie is supertof, maar dat betekent ook dat wij worden geacht scheidsrechters te leveren. Scheidsen voor Het Zinkstuk biedt de volgende voordelen:

- Een volledig betaalde opleiding tot scheidsrechter
- Een vergoeding vanuit de vereniging van ~€130,-
- Reiskostenvergoeding vanuit de KNZB
- Vrijstelling van jurydiensten

Dus, zie jij jezelf al gewapend met fluit en kaart langs het bad staan? Lijkt het jou wat om de spelregels van onze geliefde sport door en door te kennen?

Laat het dan weten via waterpolo@hetzinkstuk.nl, of spreek iemand van het bestuur aan op de training!

P.S. Mocht je nog verdere vragen hebben over de praktische zaken van het scheidsrechten kan je altijd terecht bij onze scheidsrechters Carla en Victor!

Publiced Monday 13 May 2019

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Publiced Saturday 17 November 2018


Hi Zinkstukken!

I am Matthijs and I have been a member of Het Zinkstuk since 2012. Yes, that is one of my stickers on the website: 'oldie' 😉

I am Cesar exercise therapist and am currently in the final year of my sports physiotherapy master. I think it would be nice to do something 'professional' at Het Zinkstuk. The idea of ​​'club physiology' was therefore born quickly. I shared this idea with the board and they shared my enthousiasm.

From now on I will be your club physio! Do you have questions about an injury? Then you can always talk to me before or after training (swimming). I train mainly on Mondays and Thursdays. I would like to give you a first advice on what to do with your pain.

I also want to, together with the board, make an inventory of how many injuries there are within the association. For this, a form will soon be available on the website, so if you have an injury, please fill it out first.

I hope to speak before / after a training and if it is necessary to help!



Publiced Monday 5 November 2018

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