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Sign up for groups

After yet another successful edition of the Jansparty, our committees are filled up nicely. Did you miss the sign-up deadline but do you still want to be involved in Zinkstuk in some way? Then becoming a member of one of our groups might be just your thing. A group consists of Zinkstuk members who possess a certain skill or certification that could be beneficial to our association. So if you for instance are a certified First Aider or have an interest in photography, feel free to signup for one of our groups on the following page https://www.hetzinkstuk.nl/association/groups

Publiced Tuesday 9 October 2018

Link the activity calendar to your own agenda!

Always stay informed of activities: link the activity calendar to your own agenda! https://www.hetzinkstuk.nl/activities/events/subscribe?language=en

Publiced Friday 28 September 2018

Olympas and linking to het Zinkstuk

Do you still haven't an Olympas yet, have you not extended it this season or have it (this season) not yet linked to Zinsktuk? Arrange your Olympas here or the Zinkstuk-linking here.

If you want to take part at the trainings at Zinsktuk, it is mandatory to have an Olympas with Zinkstuk linked. If you do not have this, you can not train and register for activities. So arrange this quickly!

Publiced Tuesday 11 September 2018

Ordering merchandise and fitting possibility

As you know, Zinkstuk has merchandise available! The entire collection can be seen in the webshop. If you would like to order swimwear, but you doubt the size? No problem, on Thursday the 13th of September swimwear will be taken to the training so you can try. The deadline to place your order online is on Friday, September 21, 23:59 If you place your order after that date, it will be processed later.

Publiced Tuesday 11 September 2018

The Olympas

For season '18 / '19 it is not necessary to have a physical Olympas to participate in the practices. Obviously you need to have a valid sports card linked to Het Zinkstuk, but the physical pass does not have to be picked up anymore. The board will request lists of linked sports cards from Olympos to check whether everyone has a valid sports card. Make sure you have the confirmation email that you get when you buy your sports card and have it on hand in case of a sports card check. If the checklist is not completely up-to-date, then you can prove with this e-mail that you have purchased a sports card and are therefore allowed to train.

Publiced Friday 10 August 2018

Het Zinkstuk | Affiliate

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More information can be found here.

Publiced Tuesday 20 March 2018