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Publiced Monday 6 July 2020

Wednesday practices

Notice! From May 27 the wednespractices will be as follows:

21.00 — 22.00 Swimtraining*

22.00 — 23.00 Waterpolotraining*

*From 20.00 till 20.45 there will be a drypractice for swimmers. From 21.00 till 21.45 there will be a drypractice for waterpolo players. This will be given at the field behind the Krommerijn. 

There are some corona measures in place for the dry practices: 1) you must reach the grass field by going left side around the building. 2) We keep a distance of 1,5 metres from eachother. 3) The mats cannot be used, you have to take your own or use a towel. 4) After the dryland training you will leave the grounds by going through the swing gates next to the entrance.

Publiced Wednesday 27 May 2020

We are looking for a new head coach swimming!

Do you want

... to coach the best swimmers from the Utrecht Swimming and Waterpolo Federation Het Zinkstuk?

... to make our swimmers happy (or sweat) every training?

... unlimited fun during training and drinkns?

... a FREE KNZB education to become a trained coach?

... a compensation the two years after this education?

Then head coach swimming is really something for you! Mail your interest to zwemmen@hetzinkstuk.nl and let's see what we can do for each other.

Publiced Saturday 4 April 2020

Order moment 3

Would you like to shine in Zinkstuk club clothing? Now is your chance to complete your wardrobe. The new clothes will be ordered on February the 14th, so you have until then to order a polo, sweater, etc.

On Wednesday evening 5 February and 12 February there will be a real clothing rack, where you can clearly see what we have to offer. Come and visit!

Bathing caps can of course be ordered at any time.

Publiced Wednesday 5 February 2020


Two sportive weekends are coming up! We as Het Zinkstuk will put our name on the map again during the third NSWK in Eindhoven and during the ONKS in Delft. It is now possible to register for both events.

Do you have a passion for water polo? Or do you want to practice what it is like to play a competition as a beginner or swimmer? Then the NSWK is for you! On February the 16th, games will be played at advanced and beginners levels. Register quickly via: htznks.tk/NSWKIII.

Are you crazy about (competitive) swimming? Join the ONKS in Delft on 28th and 29th of February! During these competitions we do not swim in competition, but distances are swum individually. The fastest three swimmers/teams at a distance receive a medal. Register quickly via: htznks.tk/ONKS.
Pay attention! If you want to go to the pre-drink, dinner or party, then you have to register for the other activity!

Publiced Tuesday 14 January 2020

Sponsorkliks App

Ready to spend money? 💸 Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve are coming soon! 🎁 Don't forget to install the affiliate plugin of Het Zinkstuk so that you support the association with all your purchases! 💰 Go to htznks.tk/plugin

Publiced Wednesday 27 November 2019

Walk-in Fysiofabriek

The Fysiofabriek has a free consultation hour especially for student sports clubs. Not sure whether an appointment is needed for your complaint? Then drop by their free consultation hour. In 10 minutes they will look at whether you can continue to work out with an extra exercise or whether you still have to be seen for more extensive examination by a physio or doctor.

There is room for three people during the half hour. Register via this link to be sure that you can be seen.


Where: Swimming Pool de Krommerijn.

When? Every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

Publiced Wednesday 6 November 2019

Change practicetime


New training times will start on Wednesday evenings from 6 November 2019:  

Water polo Swimming
8.30-9. p.m. Dryland training 9.00-9.45 p.m. Dryland training
9.00-10.30 p.m. Training* 10.00-11.00 p.m. Training
*from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. bath, then half bath.


From April 1, 2020, the times will be reversed to the current situation described below:          

Swimming Water polo
8.00-8.45 p.m. Dryland training 9.30-10.00 p.m. Dryland training
9.00-10.30 p.m. Training 10.00-11.00 p.m. Training*

*from 10 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. bath, then whole bath.


After every Wednesday evening training session, the bar will be open until 1 am. We hope to have informed you sufficiently with this. If there are any questions, send them to secretaris@hetzinkstuk.nl.

Publiced Friday 1 November 2019

Upcoming activities

There are no activities planned yet!