What does a membership mean?

You are a part of Het Zinkstuk when you are either a member or a contributor. As a member can participate in all swimming and waterpolo practices as well as all the activities. As a donor you can only engage in activities.

The membership means a lot of fun and an excellent way to get to know other people quickly.

Membership is continuous and can be terminated throughout the year. Membership will then stop at the next unsubscribe-date.

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe via the registrationform.

How much does a membership cost?

The costs for a full season 2018/2019 are displayed in the table below.

KNZB contribution
(€ 17,60)
Training fee
(€ 43,50)
Start license
(€ 35,05)
Competition fee
(ong. € 70)
Water polo X X € 61,10
Water polo + competition X X X X € 166,15
Swimming X X

€ 61,10

Olympos sportscardWhen you are a member of Het Zinkstuk, it is obligated to own a sportscard of Olympos (the Olympas). The Olympos sportscard has to be bought via the sportcenter Olympos and then has to be registered to Het Zinkstuk. Don't know which kind of sportscard to buy? Do the check via this tool.

Registrationfee. When you want to become a member, you will have to pay a one-time registrationfee equal to the costs of the KNZB-contribution and the costs for a potential license for swimming matches.

Competition fee. For members who play in a waterpoloteam there's an additional competition fee with a height of €70,00. This fee is collected at the second contribution collection.

Competition license swimming. For external swimming competitions (except for NSZK's and NSK's) a license might be required. A license can be acquired through Zinkstuk for €35,05.

Do I need an Olympos sportscard?

You are obliged to have a valid Olympos sportscard registered to Het Zinkstuk during your entire membership. This does not apply to donors.

The Olympos sportscard has to be bought via the sportcenter Olympos and then has to be registered to Het Zinkstuk. Don't know which kind of sportscard to buy? Do the check via this tool.

When the registration of your sports card expires you will receive a message that tells you you have to extend you registration. As long as you don't have a valid and to Het Zinkstuk registered sportscard you cannot take part in the practices and activities. If you remain in jeopardy you will receive a fine with a height of 110% the amount Het Zinkstuk would otherwise receive for you from grants. The dates on which the board checks your sportscard are the first of November and April.

When do I need a startlicense?

You will need a license when:

  • You are part of a waterpoloteam and play in the competition, or
  • You want to participate in KNZB-matches in addition to the NSZKs.

You can request or stop a license yourself via your profile on the website. A start licence is valid from 1 januari till 31 december and will be automatically extended

When are the costs deducted?

The contribution is collected at the end of January and the end of July. For donors the contribution is collected at the end of July.

Other costs, for example those for activities, are collected at the end of each month.

Costs are collected via the payment methos you selected at your registration.

Two weeks before a cost collection you will receive a message containing the amount that will be collected.

In case you choose to transfer the costs yourself or when the automatic collection did not succeed you are required to make the payment within two weeks. Contactinformation can be found on this page.

A maximum of three payment reminders will be sent every two weeks. The board reserves the right to suspend persons who do not fulfill their payment obligation.

What are the unsubsribe-dates?

The unsubscribe-dates are the outer moments to end or change your membership. These are as follows:

  • For members: January 1th and July 1th
  • For donors: August 1th

End your membership or convert it before one of these dates via this link.

Is it possible to temporarily stop my membership?

As a member you are entitled to suspend your membership for half a season. You can do this once a season by sending an e-mail to In case the board honors your request you will only have to pay half the contribution. During the suspension of your membership you cannot prescribe to any of your rights as a member.

Please note that in the event of a violation you might still have to pay the entire contribution and any missed grants under penalty of suspension.

I am no longer a student, can I remain a member?

When you are no longer a student you are allowed to remain a member for one season at the regular contribution cost. After that season Als je student-af bent, mag je nog één volledig seizoen lid blijven tegen het reguliere contributietarief. After that season you can apply for dispensation by sending an e-mail to If you do not do this, you will be unsubscribed automatically.

When dispensation is assigned, the default contribution becomes:

  • 1th year dispensation: €184,50
  • 2th year dispensation: €342,00
  • After 2th year dispensation: obligated unsubscribing

It is possible to become a donor when your membership ends. As a donor you can still participate in the activities and you support the association. You can stop your membership or convert it to becoming a donor via this page.

How can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe via this page.

For members applies: after a unsubscribe-date follows a notice period of 1 month in which your membership continues. During the notice period it is not possible to participate in matches organized by the KNZB. If you want to keep participating in these matches send an e-mail before the unsubscribe-date to