Trial practice

PAY ATTENTION!! Would you like to join a training? This is possible, but first read the message below.

In these corona times, the practices will be different than before.

If you are interested in a swimming practice, please email to

Are you interested in a water polo test training? Mail to .

Mention the following info in your email:

  • Your preferred days for the next two weeks. Look for the current training times at our website ("training times").
  • Your full name, telephone number and address in the email. We will not do anything with this information unless there is a corona outbreak within the association.
  • Do you want to join a swimming practice? Mention your swimming level (beginner – average - advanced)

A board member will contact you about the date you can join a practice. At least: read our coronaprotocol before you join a practise!

We hope to see you soon!


The board.