Information swimming

So you are interested in becoming a member of the best swimming and water polo association in the Netherlands? How nice! The Zinkstuk is a small, but cozy association. For swimmers, there are four moments in the week to practice. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we train in a 25-meter pool, De Kwakel. On Wednesday, we train in a 50 meter pool, De Krommerijn. The practices are accessible to swimmers of all levels: we have separate lanes for beginners, average and advanced swimmers. There are always two experienced trainers present, one for the beginners, one for the average/advanced.

In addition to the practices, you can also go to dry practice, participate in the Dutch Student Swimming Competition (NSZK) and of course to our activities and the weekly drinks on Wednesday evening in the De Krommerijn swimming pool.

Free trial practice

Do you think our association suits you? Then come along once for a trail practice! You can try out three times for free during the Wednesday and Thursday training sessions. In this way you can see whether our practices meet your expectations and whether our association suits you! You can register for a test training via this link.

Levels and lanes

We offer practices at different levels. The focus of the practice for beginners is mainly on technique, but also on building a swimming condition. The practice starts with a warm up, then a technique block and then another part, such as a condition or sprint. We see that swimmers make great strides in a short time!

The focus of the practices for averages and advanced is comparable. The training courses build up to the five-year event, the NSZK. Many different components come to the light, such as increasing endurance, technique, etc. Advanced students make more meters than the averages in the training sessions.

Practice times

There are four times during the week for practice. The current practice times can be found here.

Dry training practice

Every Wednesday before swimming practice, there is a dry training at 9 p.m. During a dry training, flexibility, mobility and stability are worked on through strength and stretching exercises. The training takes place on the side of the pool in the Krommerijn.

The dry training is given by the dry training committee. It is smart to wear sportswear and to bring a bottle of water and extra towel.


Het Zinkstuk participates in the Dutch Student Swimming Competition (NSZK). This is a competition between eleven Dutch student swimming clubs. There is a battle for first place in the ranking during the four NSZKs that are organized every year. During the competition, certain distances are swum by men and women. At every distance the fastest two swimmers count for the ranking. The goal: the faster you swim, the fewer points you get. After all four competitions, the club with the least points wins. Each swimmer may swim a maximum of two individual distances and two relays.

Other activitites are organized in the weekend of the competition. There is always a pre-drinks on Friday, where you can chat with other swimmers from other associations. After the game on Saturday there is always a dinner. The weekend ends with a spectacular (theme) party. It is customary to actually go dressed up here!!

The NK Students (NKS) is organized between the second and third NSZK. You can also participate here if you are not a member of a student swimming club, but when your a student. This competition takes place once a year and individual prizes can be won. The NSK is held alternately in one of the eleven Dutch cities with a student swimming club.

Check the competition schedule here.

Swimming and waterpolo

With a membership of Het Zinkstuk you can join every training practice. Both for swimming as for water polo.

House rules

  • The house rules of the swimming pools can be found on the website of Utrecht Township and are applicable on all visitors.
  • Try to be present at least 10 minutes before the start of a training.