Corona measures

See here Corona protocol Het Zinkstuk version 23-05-2020. 

Other general information: Protocol verantwoord zwemmen.

[Message 23/05/2020]

Dear {$name}, 

It’s almost there! The training will resume again from this Monday. To maintain the 1,5 metres distance, the trainings will be a little bit different. You can find out the rules in the above protocol. Read this carefully before training!

You can find the schedule by the link in your mailbox. When you’re registered to train, we expect you to come. The training of Monday June 1 will not  take place due to Pentecost (Pinksteren). Do you have a question or do you want to report a change? Do not contact us by Whatsapp but send us an email at This works best for us and we won’t forget your question in this way. 

[Message 19/05/2020]

We have some good news! The possibility to swim again is almost there! The training will resume from monday May 25th. Before this, we have some important comments for you:

  1. Unfortunately there will be no waterpolotraining because of the physical contact. The waterpoloërs can join the regular swimming trainings all week long. On wednesday (10.00-11.00 PM) and thursday (6.30-7.15 PM) there will be a special swimmingpolotraining with some specific waterpolo-practices. Note: as a waterpoloër, you can subscribe for all trainings!
  2. If you want to join a training, subscribe before friday 12.00 PM by the form which you can find in your mailbox. The schedule will be sent on saturday. 
  3. The protocol with all the important information about the coronarules will follow later this week. Read this before you join the training!

If you have any questions, mail to

[Message 14/05/2020]

As you will have noticed, some swimming pools will open again! Great news! For us this also means that we can resume the (swimming) training.

Before this, there is still some work to be done. For example, we (the board) will have to make a protocol containing rules and measures regarding the training and the training must be technically well thought out. Unfortunately, this will take some time. Together with the swimming pools and trainers, we are busy to organize the training courses as safely as possible, after all, safety is the most important. We, as a board, therefore ask for your patience.

Know that we are working on it. We will communicate the design of the training and agreements in and around the pool to you as soon as possible.

Do you have a question? Mail to:

The board.